Javascript exit on error

up vote 7 down vote. The return statement exits a function from anywhere within the function:. throw new Error( " Stopping the function! I think if you use a return it should be possible : ) function AA( ) { try{ } catch( e) { / / stop execute javascript return; } BB( ) ; / / don' t execute when error happening } function BB( ) { / / some script }. return like that will just return undefined. function Abort( ) { throw new Error( ' This is not an error. This is just to abort javascript' ) ; }. function callFunc( ) { / / stop execution here Abort( ) ; } / / code from where you are going to call try { if( a. value= = 1 & & b. value= = 2) { callFunc( ) }. Short answer: throw new Error( " Something went badly wrong!

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    Javascript error exit

    " ) ; If you want to know more, keep reading. Do you want to stop JavaScript' s execution for developing/ debugging? The expression debugger; in your code, will halt. Since you' re inside a function, just return. Reading into your question a little more that it doesn' t execute " other functions called by the script", you should return a boolean. For example, return false if you don' t want the rest. but if you just add throw ' ' ; this will completely stop the execution without causing any errors. throw new Error( ' test' ) ; < / script> < script type= " text/ javascript" > document. write( " hello" ) ; < / script>. exit" functions usually quit the program or script along with an error message as paramete. For example die(. Place the debugger; keyword in your JavaScript code where you want to stop the execution. Then open is unclear exactly what you mean by " node js stop everything".

    If you want to stop the entire nodejs process, you can use process. If you' re trying to keep some code after your error from executing and your error occurs. You can just use return. function myfunction( ) { if( a = = ' stop' ) return; }. This will send a return value of undefined to whatever called the function. var x = myfunction( ) ; console. log( x ) ; / / console shows undefined. To exit with a ' failure' code:. js process will exit on it' s own if there is no additional work pending in the event loop. It' s always better to throw an error, you' ll get a nicely formatted stack trace and error message.