Error waiting for worker java util concurrentmodificationexception

InternalErrorException: Internal error: java. ThreadPoolExecutor$ Worker. run( ThreadPoolExecutor. java: 676) at java. java: 595) Caused by: java. ConcurrentModificationException at java. アンスレッドセーフな java. ArrayList インスタンスが、 別スレッドから変更されると java. ConcurrentModificationException が発生するのは割りと知られた話ですが シングルスレッドな処理でも発生します。 その手の問題が模擬試験に諸. Stage; import java. SecureRandom; import java. Random; public class Example. This guy here ran into the same problem: idrsolutions. com/ / 12/ handling- threads- concurrency- in- javafx/ · share| improve this answer. but only sometimes.

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    Worker concurrentmodificationexception java

    The error will occur only when mObjList. add gets called right when you' re traversing the iterator. Your guess about why you' re getting the ConcurrentModificationException is right on. To fix this, you. 簡単に言えば: ConcurrentModificationException 例外がスローされる/ されない については、 何の保証もありません。 「 コレクション側で問題を検知できたときはできる 限り早期にスローすること」 という努力目標が設定されているだけです。. The problem is this: val taskList = ArrayList< Task> ( ) eventPlanners. forEach { eventPlanner - > / /. compositeDisposable. add( wfmStorageDomain. saveTasks( taskList) / /. } You have a list which you keep adding from different. Synchronizing doesn' t do anything to prevent the ConcurrentModificationException if the synchronized code modifies the collection during iteration,. To fix this problem, use a list iterator in a loop, and call iterator' s remove. But the bolt always get ConcurrentModificationException then the worker die! 379632 [ Thread- 14- Lag] ERROR b.

    util - Async loop died! RuntimeException: java. ConcurrentModificationException at backtype. I guess your execution should wait until it is finished. but anyway this should not be the reason for your problem, since you are actually creating a new. Steps to reproduce the problem. ConcurrentModificationException to Crash : PM Description: Ticking block entity java. EDIT: It seems the world crashes after about 15 minutes, I thought it had to do with the worker interacting with it but this happened after I fired him. merge builder changes * Fix merge conflicts * fix some things in placement handler, have to wait for 1. ConcurrentModificationException in REST connection pool code # 894. apollos92 opened this Issue on Nov 16, · 2 comments. After this change, spark- submit with standalone cluster in client deploy mode, occasionally produces following error in workers. I' ll wait for next version.