Javascript error container is not defined

html( ) of an div). However, using the Google Charts API. the page is blank. I get the error Container is not. You are missing : " on the div style < div id= " chart_ div" style= " width: 900px; height: 200px; > < / div>. The div is not defined, so the JS cant find it. The getElementById failed. although this probably won' t resolve your issue, you can actually use google. load instead of - - > $ ( document). ready by default, google. load will wait until the document is ready. recommend a little different setup. This error is usually caused ( when using the Google chart API) by elements which share an ID. Ensure that there are no duplicate IDs.

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    Javascript container error

    You can use the w3 validator to check this. The other alternative is that the container. You have to use the document get element id and post like below var chart = new google. PieChart( document. getElementById( ' container' ) ). Make sure you have the same id ( container) html div tag, otherwise this. As you guessed it, this is where i get the error Container is not defined. From what I understood from other questions ( Google Charts ColumnChart won' t render because " Container is not defined" e. ) the issue come from. JavaScriptでデータとパラメタを与えるだけでSVGを使った きれいなグラフをブラウザ上 の描画できます。 グラフの例を見ると. 読み込みタイミングによってエラーが出る場合、. jQueryで描画対象のDIVを指定するとContainer is not defined. I' m not a jquery fan, but I think that $ ( ' # pie_ today_ div' ) returns a set of matched elements. You WILL get this error “ Container is not defined” for Google Charts if you are missing that ID Thus a Div with that chart_ div id would. Дело в том, что $ ( ' # chart_ div' ) возвращает jQuery- объект, массив содержащий или 0 или 1 элемент ( т.

    уже получается вложенность и можно попробовать обратиться $ ( ' # chart_ div' ) [ 0] ), а document. getElementById( " chart- div" ) looks for an element with an id set to chart- div. Your div is using the class attribute instead of the id attribute. Change < div class= " chart- div" > < / div> to < div id= " chart- div" > < / div>.