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The Microsoft Access database engine could not find rie from utteraccess put me in the right path: In Excel ListObjects aren' t named ranges, and what you have is a ListObject so it' s not going to appear in the schema. So this has nothing to do with the change in the object. WHERE句をコメントアウトしても同様のエラーという事は、 クエリ[ Q_ m_ kokyaku_ shohin] を開く時点でエラーが発生していると考えられます。 まずは クエリ[ Q_ m_ kokyaku_ shohin] が適切に開けるようにしてみましょう。 随分前の記憶 なので. Try this: Sub Button3_ Click( ) Dim SQL As String, strPSTPath As String Dim objMyConn, objMyRecordset Set objMyConn = New ADODB. Connection Set objMyRecordset = New ADODB. Recordset objMyConn. You try to run an Access report and get the message " Run- time error ' e37) ' : The Microsoft Jet database engine cannot find the input table or query ' SysParam'. Make sure it exists and that the name is spelled correctly. Dear VB Gurus, I was using a VB6 application running successfully with database connection string such as " " Provider= SQLOLEDB. 1; Password= ; User ID= ; Data Source= ; Initial Catalog= " " But recently, in order to get crystal report connection. Accessで開発されたアプリケーションを他のコンピュータで実行させたい場合、 Access が必要となる。 しかし開発せずに実行のみの場合においてはAccessライセンスを購入せ ずとも、 適切なMicrosoft Access Runtime. this is the code for my module, i dont know what is really my problem. can anyone help me? the error said " The.

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    Error access runtime

    most likely the table would be named tblUsers and when I access it through code I would reference tblUsers. I am developing an Access application in Access using an MDB type file. In the following VBA code, I am getting the error: Run time error ' e14) ; Syntax error UPDATE statement. Do you know how I can resolve this. The error: Runtime error ' e37) ' : The Microsoft Jet database engine could not find the object ' My sheet$ A8: AD70000'. Make sure the object exists and that you spell its name and the path name correctly.